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If you are a new API customer, send an email to to get access to Equinix sandbox. For existing API customers, log in to developer platform and create a sandbox app to obtain your sandbox specific consumer key and consumer secret to access sandbox APIs. You can find the entire catalog of Equinix APIs at

To provide the clarity to the users of our developer platform and APIs with the contractual details, we are requesting all our platform users to read and accept the agreement before they can leverage the services offered. This is also done as part of the legal compliance.

Our customers use Equinix APIs to automate internal business workflows around ordering & ticketing, user administration, asset monitoring and to stream real-time power information. You can find the entire catalog of Equinix APIs at

Beta APIs simply means that we are providing a sneak peak of our upcoming APIs for your reference to understand and test drive our APIs. We DO NOT recommend to use the APIs in Production and does not provide any operational support or SLA around our Beta APIs. 

For example, Equinix Customer Portal APIs are currently in Beta Stage. Even though we are trying our best to provide the highly reliable and scalable APIs, Beta APIs can change in contract and are not recommended to use in production. You can use the Beta APIs in test environment and test your workflows.

If you have any questions on the capabilities of our Beta APIs, we are happy to help. Please send us a request using Contact Us form or send an email to

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