Equinix API Offerings

Accounts & Authentication

APIs to manage all aspects of Authentication & Authorization to gain access to Equinix API ecosystem.

Equinix Fabric™

Equinix Fabric™ offers various functions to connect to our highly reliable, secure & network rich fabric instantaneously.

Equinix Customer Portal

APIs that enables all aspects of Equinix Customer Portal features in a programmatic way. Includes user administration, order management & many other capabilities.

IBX SmartView

IBX SmartView APIs enable real-time environmental and power draw monitoring within IBX facilities.

Network Edge

Network Edge allows users to configure, virtualize and run network appliances and services on a generic device without additional hardware.

Equinix SmartKey

Equinix SmartKey APIs simplify data protection with our premier SaaS-based, secure key management and cryptography service.

Developer Environments


Playground is a test environment with static data targeted at potential Equinix customers. It allows prospects to learn, understand and test drive Equinix APIs without integrating with the actual API. Read More >


Sandbox is a global mock test environment to simulate Equinix production behavior. It uses synthetic data in its responses and can only be accessed by Equinix customers. Customers can use this environment to play around and integrate with Equinix APIs before moving to Production. Read More >


Production environment is the LIVE environment. You can access this environment only with your valid Equinix account & permissions. Read More >