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The Value of API-Driven Digital Infrastructure
Ramchandra Koty & Vanjikumaran Sivajothy - January 27 2021

The key to any digital transformation strategy is scaling a digital infrastructure footprint in an autonomous way based on end users’ demands.…Read more

Partner Showcase
How Equinix and IBM Are Boosting Open Hybrid Multicloud
Sam Ho, David McCullough - September 01 2020

Hybrid multicloud is not new. According to IBM, 94% of enterprises today are operating in de facto hybrid environments with a mix of public and…Read more

Partner Showcase
Equinix and Alibaba Are Extending the Reach Of Hybrid Multicloud
David McCullough - July 31 2020

As a key enabler of digital transformation, hybrid multicloud has become the de facto IT infrastructure for the enterprise. According to IDC, by…Read more

Use Cases
APIs: The Foundation for Innovation
Ramchandra Koty - April 08 2020

Application programming interfaces (APIs) that were once limited to technical domains are now a significant growth engine for all businesses. APIs…Read more

Partner Showcase
Telstra on Platform Equinix
Equinix - March 27 2020

As one of the leading network and connectivity providers, Telstra has deployed infrastructure inside Equinix data centers in more than 38 markets…Read more

Partner Showcase
Verizon SDI Enables Enterprise Network Connectivity for Equinix Customers
Stefen Raab - October 08 2019

As enterprises expand their IT resources beyond corporate data centers, they require fast, secure, reliable connections to colocation centers and…Read more

Use Cases
How to Secure Your Mobile Apps
Mohit Mathur - August 06 2018

It's no secret that mobile has become an integral part of our everyday lives. As per a survey conducted by Statista, the number of mobile phone…Read more

Partner Showcase
Microservices registration and discovery using Consul
Teena George - August 06 2018

A microservice is built and deployed independently, and can be integrated into an application as an independent component, using APIs. This also…Read more

Developer Ecosystem: It’s importance in the overall API Economy
Ramchandra Koty - July 15 2018

Companies today are engaging with developers more than ever before, to create exceptional end-user experiences across a broad ecosystem of things…Read more