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Create Device Link

A device link group can include any virtual device that is provisioned and registered unless the device interfaces are already full. To learn more about device links, refer to this. To create a device link group using APIs, you must provide the following:


1) At least two provisioned virtual devices with registered licenses. You must have the deviceUuids and the metroCodes where the devices are located


2) You need to provide ASNs for the devices if the ASNs have not been set. If a device already has an ASN, you can check the ASN by calling Get Virtual Device


3) Equinix billing account number. Your account must be in the Active or Pending status. You must provide an account number for every link you will create. The account number may belong to either the source or the destination metro. 


4) Choose a subnet for the group. You must choose a subnet keeping in mind the number of devices you wish to add to the group. This is not a mandatory field at the time you try to create a linking group; however, you must provide this to have a functional linking group.


5) Provide throughput information for all links that are not within a metro.


If you have all the necessary information, then skip ahead to Step 3 and create a device link group. Otherwise, follow the steps:


Refer to the Network Edge Deployment Guide to learn more.

Step 1: Authenticate

Submit your user credentials, Client ID, and Client Secret for OAuth2 authentication.


Refer to Generating a Client ID and Client Secret key under Getting Started section for instructions on how to create client ID and client secret and refer to Requesting Access and Refresh tokens for instructions on how to call Oauth API to validate and authenticate your credentials.


If you are unaware of your user credentials for Network Edge, contact your local Equinix Service Desk. 

Step 2: Get Virtual Devices

To get details of your virtual devices, call Get Virtual Devices. The response will include virtualDeviceUuids, metroCodes, zonesASNs, and accountNumbers


To create virtual devices, check out the How to Guide to launch various devices.