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Assets (V1)

Assets (V1) API allows a user with View Install Base permission to search for installed assets based on a given criteria, and to fetch specific asset details.


To search for your assets, see Retrieve Assets in the How-to Guide section. 

GET Assets {assetId}

GET /assets/{assetId}

 Method  GET
 URL or End Point  /v1/assets/{assetId}
 Headers  Authorization, Content-Type
 Query Parameters  Not applicable
 Body  Not applicable


The Get assets {assetId} API returns all details for a specific asset from its identification number. The authorization token and content-type are the only headers that are passed to this API and a response is received based on the values passed.


If you are unaware of how to obtain an authorization token, refer to Requesting Access and Refresh tokens under the Getting Started section.


The following screenshots show a sample curl request and JSON response for this API. The response indicates the details returned for assetId, 9980813. 


curl -X

GET ""

-H "content-type: application/json"

-H "authorization: Bearer qwErtY8zyW1abcdefGHI"


The description of the URL parameter is as follows:


URL Parameter name Mandatory Type Example Description
assetId  Yes string


Asset ID number.


To get the assetId, refer to How to retrieve assets? under the How-to Guide for ECP use cases.


Only 1 asset ID number may be passed at a time. 


    "assetNumber": "9980813",
    "serialNumber": "1011585-M",
    "orderNumber": "1-198255055853",
    "productName": "CROSS_CONNECT",
    "ibx": "DC4",
    "cage": "DC4:01:043325",
    "productDescription": "Network Cable Connection",
    "accountNumber": "888",
    "accountName": "JOHN-DOE-CORPORATION",
    "installationDate": "2008-08-28T00:00:00Z",
    "customerReferenceNumber": "",
    "status": "Active",
    "productDetails": [
            "key": "ACCOUNT_NAME",
            "value": "JOHN-DOE-CORPORATION",
            "tag": "HEADER"

            "key": "CUSTOMER",
            "value": "JOHN-DOE-CORPORATION",
            "tag": "A_SIDE_INFORMATION"
            "key": "ASSET_NUMBER",
            "value": "9980813",
            "tag": "OTHER_DETAILS"
            "key": "IFC_PANEL",
            "value": "No",
            "tag": "Z_SIDE_INFORMATION"


The description of the response payload is as follows:


Field name Type Example Description
assetNumber string 9980813 ID number of the asset.
serialNumber string 1011585-M Serial number of the asset.
orderNumber string


Sales order number that the asset is related to.


If there is no number, the string will be empty.

productName string CROSS_CONNECT The asset type.
ibx string DC4

The IBX location code. 


E.g. DC4 is an IBX data centre in  Washington DC, United States.

cage string DC4:01:043325 ID of the cage or suite.
productDescription string Network Cable Connection A corresponding description of the asset.
accountNumber string 888 Cage account number.
accountName string JOHN-DOE-CORPORATION Cage account name.
installationDate string 2018-08-18T00:00:00Z

Date and time of installation of the asset.


The date and time (UTC timezone) are represented in ISO 8601 format, yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ.

customerReferenceNumber string   Customer's own reference number.
status string Active Present activity status of the asset.
productDetails array[objects]   Information summary of the asset details that include common and unique details of the asset.
key string ACCOUNT_NAME

Product detail tag key identifies what type of information it is.

E.g. ACCOUNT_NAME identifies the following information as the cage account name linked to the asset.


Product detail tag key information.


The product detail tag key information varies according to the asset.


There are four categories of product detail tags: HEADER, OTHER_DETAILS, A_SIDE_INFORMATION, and  Z_SIDE_INFORMATION.


HEADER is a product detail tag that holds mandatory information for the respective asset.


All assets return the following 'Header' product detail tag information: 





More product detail tag keys would deviate from these depending on the asset type. 


OTHER_DETAILS is a product detail tag for additional details unique to the asset.


A_SIDE_INFORMATION and Z_SIDE_INFORMATION are product detail tags for Cross Connect, BMMR extension, Metro Connect, Innerduct, or any asset requiring A-side and Z-side connection information. 


If you get “Insufficient permissions” error, contact your Master Administrator.