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Order History (V1)

Order History APIs allows a user to view the permissible order history location information of their organization, and to retrieve their own order and ticket history, as well as those of other users in their organization, depending on the user’s ordering permissions.

GET Retrieve Orders Locations

GET /retrieve-orders/locations

 Method  GET
 URL or End Point  /v1/retrieve-orders/locations
 Headers  Authorization, Content-Type
 Query Parameters  Not applicable
 Body  Not applicable


The Get retrieve orders locations API returns all available IBX location and cage information where the user has permissions to view the order history of the organization. The authorization token and content-type are the only headers that are passed to this API and a response is received based on the values passed.


If you are unaware of how to obtain an authorization token, refer to Requesting Access and Refresh tokens under the Getting Started section.


The following screenshots show a sample curl request and JSON response for this API. The response indicates that the user has permissions to view orders for IBX locations, LD8 and SV8. The corresponding location information for these IBXs and the specific cage ID information that the user has access to were also returned. 


curl -X

GET ""

-H "content-type: application/json"

-H "authorization: Bearer qwErtY8zyW1abcdefGHI"


    "ibx": {
      "code": "LD8",
      "country": "United Kingdom",
      "city": "London",
      "metro": "LD",
      "postalCode": "E14 9GE",
      "address": "6/7/8/9 Harbour Exchange Square, Limeharbour",
      "region": "EMEA",
      "state": null
    "cages": [
    "ibx": {
      "code": "SV8",
      "country": "United States of America",
      "city": "Palo Alto",
      "metro": "SV",
      "postalCode": "94301",
      "address": "529 Bryant Street",
      "region": "AMER",
      "state": "CA"
    "cages": [



The description of the response payload is as follows:


Field name Type Example Description
ibx object   The IBX location information that consists of the IBX location code, the country of the IBX, the city of the IBX, the metro code of the IBX, the postal code of the IBX, the address of the IBX, the region of the IBX, the state of the IBX, and the corresponding cages information.
code string LD8 The IBX location code that represents the IBX data centre.

The first two characters denote the metro, while the numeric digit denotes the IBX number. 
country string United Kingdom The country where the IBX is located.
city string


The city where the IBX is located.
metro string LD

The metro code used to represent the metro where the IBX is located. 

postalCode string E14 9GE The postal code of the IBX.
address string 6/7/8/9 Harbour Exchange Square, Limeharbour The address of the IBX (sans postal code). 
region string EMEA

The geographic region code where the IBX is located.


3 main regions where IBXs are located


APAC - Asia Pacific, Australia and China
EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa
AMERICAS - North America and Latin America

state string null

The state or territories of the country where the IBX is located. 


For countries in the EMEA and APAC regions, this will be null.


For countries in the AMER regions, the state or territories would be represented by its postal or ISO 3166 abbreviation.

cages array[strings] SV8:01:011111 The list of cage identification (ID) numbers for cages in the IBX which the user has access to. 


If you get “Access Denied” error, contact your local Equinix Service Desk for Equinix Customer Portal access.