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What is Equinix Customer Portal?


Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) is a one-stop solution for customers to manage their users and orders, receive communications, and retrieve their asset and billing information. 


ECP offers the following capabilities:

  • User Management (Administration) - Managing different users and their permissions to IBXs and its operations.
  • Order Management - Ordering On- Site services, Shipments, Smart Hands, Trouble Tickets, Cross connects, Network Ports, and additional services, as well as modifying and cancelling these orders.
    • On-Site Services: Users can schedule on-site services such as work visits, security access, conference room reservations and data center tours.
    • Shipments: Users can schedule inbound and outbound shipments.
    • Smart Hands: Users can request cage assistance, custom installation and equipment troubleshooting via specific Smart Hands orders.
    • Trouble Ticket: Users can submit Trouble Tickets to resolve IBX issues.
    • Interconnection Products: Users can order Cross Connect installations and removals, as well as order Network Ports, Patch Cables, and Intra-Facility Cables.
    • Colocation Services: Users can order power and monitoring services for their infrastructure, environment and operations.
  • Communications - Receiving communications from Equinix about pending messages, orders, shipments and user registrations.
  • Asset Inventory Overview - Retrieving asset information.
  • Billing - Retrieving billing summary and downloading invoices.


Equinix products and services are offered to customers via digital channels like portal, mobile and REST APIs.



What are Equinix Customer Portal APIs?


The Equinix Customer Portal APIs are a collection of RESTful APIs that enable User and Order management of products and services offered by Equinix. (Refer API reference section or Catalog for more details.)


How do the Equinix Customer Portal APIs work?




When a customer is on-boarded, they are provided with user credentials. 



The customer must use these credentials to connect to the Equinix Developer Platform to generate a Consumer key (Client ID) and Consumer secret (Client Secret). 



The Consumer key and Consumer secret are essential for obtaining access and refresh tokens to authenticate API calls as described in the subsequent section.


Refer to Generating a Client ID and Client Secret key under the Getting Started section for instructions on how to generate Consumer key and Consumer secret.


Equinix Customer Portal API Workflow



Authorization flow:


Step 1  - Request access and refresh token information by calling the Equinix OAuth API (/oauth2/v1/token) with the Consumer key, Consumer secret, and user credentials. 



Refer to Requesting Access and Refresh tokens under the Getting Started for instructions on how to obtain an Authorization Token.


Step 2  - The API gateway makes an OAuth2 call to the identity provider using the submitted credentials.


Step 3  - The identity provider returns an OAuth2Access token to the API gateway.


Step 4  - The API gateway sends back the authorization token details to the client.


API Request flow:


Step 5  - The customer submits an API request with the obtained authorization token and respective API request payload.



Refer to the How-to Guide section for instructions on how to use Equinix Customer Portal APIs.


Step 6  - API gateway validates the request and calls the relevant API.


Step 7  - The response is received by the API gateway.


Step 8  - The response is sent back to the customer.