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Shipments (V1)

Shipments (V1) APIs allow a user with Shipments ordering permission to get their permitted shipment location information and schedule inbound or outbound shipments.


To schedule inbound or outbound shipments using Shipments (V1) API, see Schedule shipments under the How to Guide section. All other methods can be found below.


To view an enhanced version of this API, refer to Lookup (V2) and Shipments (V2) in the API Reference section. 

GET Shipment Locations

GET /shipment/locations

 Method  GET
 URL or End Point  /v1/orders/shipment/locations
 Headers  Authorization, Content-Type
 Query Parameters  detail, ibxs, cages
 Body  Not applicable


The Get shipment locations API returns all available IBX locations, cages, and cabinets where the user has 'Shipments' permission. The authorization token and content-type are the only headers that are passed to this API and a response is received based on the values passed.


If you are unaware of how to obtain an authorization token, refer to Requesting Access and Refresh tokens under the Getting Started section.


The following screenshots show a sample curl request and JSON response for this API. The response indicates the IBX, cage and account information for the cage, AM1:0G:00EQ11, in IBX location, AM1.


curl -X

GET ""

-H "content-type: application/json"

-H "authorization: Bearer qwErtY8zyW1abcdefGHI"


The description of the query parameters is as follows:


Query Parameter Name Mandatory Type Example Applicable Values Description
detail No boolean




Defines if the information returned is detailed.


If 'true', IBX location code and detailed cage and cabinet information would be returned.


If 'false', the only information returned would be IBX location code.


Default value : false.

ibxs No string AM1  

The IBXs that the user has access to. These are represented by the IBX location codes.


E.g. AM1 represents an IBX in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

By specifying single or multiple IBX location codes (ex: AM1 or AM1, AM2, AM3), the constraint is placed on specific IBXs.


Default value : all IBXs where the user has this permission

cages No string



ID of cage that the user has access to. 


By specifying single or multiple cage IDs (ex: AM1:0G:00EQ11 or AM1:0G:00EQ11, AM1:0G:00EQ11-1), the constraint is placed on specific cages.


Default value : all cages where the user has this permission 


  "locations": [
      "ibx": "AM1",
      "cages": [
          "cage": "AM1:0G:00EQ101",
          "cageTypes": [
          "accounts": [
              "number": "987",
              "name": "JOHN DOE CORPORATION",
              "poTracking": false,
              "pricingEnabled": false,

              "pricingEnforced": false,
              "cabinets": [
                  "cabinet": "AM1:0G:00EQ101:0003",
                  "cabinetReference": "185706",
                  "cabinetType": "Cabinet"
              "isCreditHold": false,
              "isPOBearing": true,
              "isMonetAccount": false


The description of the response payload is as follows:


Field name Type Example Description
locations array [objects]   Locations of the IBX that user has access to. 
ibx string AM1 The IBX location code.
cages array[objects]   Cages information that contains cage ID number and cage type details.
cage string AM1:0G:00EQ101 ID of the cage.
cageTypes array [string] Shared

Type of cage. 


Cage type - Description

Shared - Indicates that the cage is shared by more than one customer, so provision of ID of cabinet(s) is mandatory.

Private - Indicates that the cage is privately held by one customer, so provision of ID of cabinet(s) is optional.

IBXflex - there are no cabinets.

accounts array [objects]   Cage account information that consists of cage account number, cage account name, purchase order tracking, enabling of pricing, IDs of all cabinets in the respective cage, credit holding status, purchase order bearing status, and MonetAccount status. 
number string 987 The customer account number linked to the cage.
name string JOHN DOE CORPORATION The customer account name linked to the cage.
poTracking boolean false

Indicates if purchase order tracking is required for the customer account.


You may ignore this.

pricingEnabled boolean false

Indicates if the pricing needs to be provided at the time of ordering for this customer account.


You may ignore this.

pricingEnforced boolean false 

Indicates if the pricing disclaimer needs to be displayed before an order is submitted for this customer account.


You may ignore this. 

cabinets array [objects]   All cabinets in the cage that user has access to.
cabinet string AM1:0G:00EQ101:0003 ID of the cabinet that the user has access to.
cabinetReference string 185706 Customer's cabinet reference number. 
cabinetType string Cabinet

Type of cabinet.


Cabinet type - Description 

Cabinet - Cabinet that is not a demarcation point for a cross connection.
Demarcation point - Cabinet that is a demarcation point for a cross connection.

isCreditHold boolean false

Credit status of the customer account.


If 'true', customer account is unable to place billable orders.


If 'false', customer account is free to make orders.


Customers can schedule shipments regardless of credit status.

isPOBearing boolean true

Purchase order bearing status of customer account.


If 'true', it is mandatory to include the purchase order number when placing billable orders. 


If 'false', purchase order number is not required. 

isMonetAccount boolean false

Indicates that this account has cages that require submarine engineering support.


If 'true', the field "needSupportFromASubmarineCableStationEngineer" must be provided when placing orders.


If 'false', no additional field is required when placing orders. 


If you get “Insufficient permissions” error, contact your Master Administrator.