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Trouble Ticket Codes

Each trouble ticket code represents an issue that is described in the table below. The type of primary and secondary asset reference identifiers necessary to locate the affected asset must be provided based on the issue you are facing. The severity of the issue determines how quickly the Equinix Technician will call you or resolve your issue. 


Problem Category

Problem Subcategory

Trouble Ticket Code  Asset Reference Identifiers Severity
Category Subcategory Required Optional
Primary ID Secondary ID


(Layer 1)

A live Cross Connect circuit stopped working 0000 0000 Cross Connect or Patch Panel Serial Number NA High
A live Metro Connect circuit stopped working 0001 High
A new Cross Connect circuit is not installed successfully 0002 Medium
Network ECX Connectivity Issue  0001 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID High
IX Connectivity Issue  0001 High
NE Connectivity Issue  0002 High
General Network Connectivity Issue 0003 Medium
 Power Experiencing a total power outage 0002 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID High
Experiencing a partial power outage 0001 High
 Environment Experiencing rising temperature 0003 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID High
Experiencing decreasing temperature 0001 High
There is a water leak 0002 High
There is a structural damage 0003 High
 Hardware There is a service impacting issue with my device 0004 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID High
 Security There is a security issue with my cage or cabinet 0005 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID High
Cage door not working 0001 Cage ID NA Medium
As of September 2020, trouble ticket codes starting with '0006' are no longer applicable. 
IBX Smartview IBX Smartview Environmental 0007 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID Medium
IBX Smartview Power Draw  0001 Medium
IBX Smartview Electrical System  0002 Medium
IBX Smartview Environmental Sensor  0003 Medium
IBX Smartview Mechanical System  0004 Medium
SmartKey Equinix SmartKey Support 0008 0000 Cage ID Cabinet ID Medium
Cancel Service - 0001 Low
Other 0002 Medium
No Response or Slow Service Response 0003 Medium
Intermittent Service Access Issue 0004 Medium
Unable to Access Specific Data 0005 Medium
SmartKey Application Configuration Help 0006 Low
SmartKey Plugin Help 0007 Low
Service Technical Queries 0008 Low
Service Business Queries - 0009 Low
Billing Issues - 0010 Low