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How to Guide

Learn how to monitor a variety of assets using IBX SmartView APIs!


•   Environmental - Monitoring Temperature and Humidity
•   Power Draw - Monitoring Power Usage and Caps
•   Mechanical - Monitoring Cooling Systems
•   Electrical - Monitoring Power Availability



Overall, IBX SmartView supports different categories such as electrical assets, mechanical assets, environmental sensors in our assets. Across these different categories, we have the following capabilities:


  • Using the Assets REST APIs you can get the asset information that is serving your colocation footprint in a particular IBX. In addition to the asset information, you can get all attributes of that asset that are exposed to you as a customer for those assets. For example, if you get a PDU electrical asset, you can also get the information about the voltage, the average KVA and other attributes of PDU.
  • Using the Asset Tags REST APIs you can get the attributes of the asset tags and their current value.
  • Using the Alarms REST API you can get all the alarms that have triggered across all your IBX locations and then you can filter those alarms by different parameters.
  • Using the Alerts REST APIs you can get the historical data for alerts that have ever triggered across any of your sites or IBX location. You can also get the alerts that have been triggered but not acknowledged yet. The APIs allow you to get the alert definitions as well.
  • Using the streaming near real-time API you can get streaming asset tag data as soon as it is collected data from the electrical, mechanical, and environmental sensors we stream them to the subscriber on a public cloud asynchronous channel or a machine native protocol to your applications.
  • Using alarms near real-time streaming we stream the alarms as they get triggered at the IBX location and also stream the information about them getting cleared and them getting acknowledged by the Equinix operations team. Hence, all three events related to an alarm are streamed to you.
  • Using alerts near real-time streaming you can get the alerts as they are getting triggered and getting acknowledged by you. This information is streamed for all the various asset categories onto the subscribed streaming channel of your choice.