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400: Bad Request

The 400 (Bad Request) status code indicates that the server couldn't process the request due to a client error (e.g. malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing).


Code 400
Description Validation Error.
Generic Cause Malformed request.
Quick Fix Ensure the payload sent adheres to the requirements.


There are different types of validation errors. This section provides sample scenarios with validation errors as well as tips to identify them.


Code IC - LAYER2 - AUTH - 006
Description Invalid request.
Generic Cause The given named tag has already been used in another connection.
Quick Fix Verify whether there is an existing connection with the given NamedTag associated with the given authorization/service key.


 Error scenario example


CODE:       "IC-LAYER2-AUTH-006"
MESSAGE:    "Error while validating Authorization Key, NamedTag already in use"

PROPERTY:   "authorizationkey"


Verify the namedTag and modify the value as shown below.


Rename the namedTag to another value such as "Public", "Microsoft", or "Manual".

curl -X

GET "" 

-H "Content-type: application/json"

-H "Authorization: Bearer qwErtY8zyW1abcdefGHI" 

-d '{

  "primaryName": "johnDoePrimary",

  "profileUUID": "274afb42-6d3a-4114-8f7e-717efee792ae",
  "speed": 50,
  "speedUnit": "MB",
  "notifications": [
  "purchaseOrderNumber": "879324",
  "virtualDeviceUUID": "ecb215dc-0d1d-4a48-a150-aacad8d3a371",
  "secondaryName": "johnDoeSecondary",
  "secondaryVirtualDeviceUUID": "03c2cfef-0ec2-4599-81c9-09efa0d7b0e7",
  "secondarySpeed": 50,
  "secondarySpeedUnit": "MB",
  "namedTag": "Private",
  "sellerMetroCode": "DC",
  "authorizationKey": "fbc3c0e1-59e7-4bfe-b5f3-209dee6b692a"



Code IC-NFV-CON-06
Description Invalid request.
Generic Cause Incorrect virtual device ID has been passed.
Quick Fix Verify the virtual device ID passed.


 Error scenario example


CODE:       "IC-NFV-CON-06"
MESSAGE:    "Primary Virtual Device not found."


MOREINFO:   "We can't find that Virtual Device."


Verify the virtual device ID  passed.


The virtual device ID is incorrect. Replace the ID with the correct ID.



-H "content-type: application/json"

-H "authorization: Bearer qwErtY8zyW1abcdefGHI"

-d '{

  "virtualDeviceUUID": "6c2845e5-be63-4261-ba1c-a53a7e4cf5ec", 

  "primaryName": "JohnDoePrimary",
  "profileUUID": "84c6616c-573a-447d-a478-9fab8fff284d",
  "speed": 50,
  "speedUnit": "MB",
  "purchaseOrderNumber": "",
  "secondaryName": "JohnDoeSecondary",
  "namedTag": "Private",
  "sellerMetroCode": "SV",
  "authorizationKey": "76e781b5-2992-4042-b2a2-37d0d5eb6735",
    "notifications": [