‌‌Developer Environments


Playground is a test only environment with static data targeted for end users who wish to explore and learn API request & response attributes. It allows end users to learn, understand and test drive APIs without any need of an actual account with Equinix.

You should use Playground if:

  • You want to understand Equinix API Schema definition and its relation to your upcoming integration efforts
  • You want to understand details like Data Type, Error Code etc. to kick-start and build sample applications
  • You don’t have an account with Equinix or you are in the process of getting an account



Sandbox is a mock environment to simulate Equinix APIs. It uses synthetic data in its responses and can only be accessed by Equinix customers. Customers can use this environment to test the applications before moving to Production.

You should use Sandbox if:

  • You are an Equinix Customer and have a user account. You can use your Equinix Customer Portal User credentials to login to Developer Platform
  • You want to build application and want to simulate the Equinix business rules to ensure it reflects some of the real production behavior.
  • You have all the requirements for building your application and a concrete plan to move to Production



Production environment is a LIVE environment. You can access this environment only with your valid Equinix account, user details & permissions.

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