This API guide is for Equinix customers who are building a custom web application or a service utilizing Equinix APIs and platform services.

Click on Contact Us or Email if you are interested in:

Requesting Equinix Developer Portal access

Receiving permissions for the Product APIs (Cloud Exchange, Equinix Customer Portal, IBX SmartView) you want to use

Trying a demo of the Equinix APIs

If your company is an Equinix customer, email to see if you qualify for production access. Until then, please feel free to use the Playground feature. 



Use this guide to:

Learn about our Equinix APIs & Developer Onboarding Steps

Create an app on the Equinix Developer Platform

Access the API catalog

Our APIs allow you to develop and integrate Equinix platform features into your applications. Developers can use our APIs to program functionality features from ECX Fabric, Equinix Customer Portal, and IBX SmartView platforms. Learn more by going to the API Catalog page on the Equinix Developer Portal.


Access the Developer Portal

Equinix has two way of integrating APIs:

Playground environment,

Production environment,

To gain Developer Portal credentials or to check on the status of your credentials, please contact

Environments: Playground and Production

Our Playground environment allows you to test drive your code in a mock environment. Note that this is a pure mock response based out of Swagger response data. 

Our Production environment provides real-time data and instances for your app.

You can start in either environment, but if you want to migrate from Playground environment to our Production environment, please contact us at


Create an App

To get your API key, you must have an app created in the development environment.

To create an app:

Go to the My Apps section of the portal

Use the Add a new App button





You will be prompted to complete an Add App form after you use the new App button.

To use the Add App form:

Fill out the App Name

Choose what Product APIs you want to associate to the app

Use the Create App button to finish






You should now have an app listed in the My Apps section.





Access the API Keys

To access the API keys, go to any app you have listed in the My Apps section of the portal.

Open the app by clicking on the app name.

The Client ID (listed as Consumer Key) is the first field underneath the app name

The Client Secret (listed as Consumer Secret) is the second field underneath the app name. The Client Secret is your authentication key


You must have both the Client ID and the Client Secret to use the APIs.






Have fun!

Email with further questions or support needs.


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