Developer Forum IBX SmartView APIs ECONNRESET Error while calling APIClosed
API User
Monday, April 12, 2021 - 10:42


I've been doing POST /power/v1/current for levelType of 'cabinet' for awhile now. But every once in a while (6 hours - 24 hours), the endpoint would return me with an error ECONNRESET. I've checked online and it states that this error usually means that connection on the other end (Equinix) got closed.

Here's a list of APIs my application is executing every now and then:

  • GET /alarm/v1/smartview/alarms
  • GET /environment/v1/listCurrent for levelType of 'ibx'
  • POST /power/v1/current for levelType of 'ibx'
  • POST /power/v1/current for levelType of 'cabinet'

And only the mentioned endpoint is receiving this error.

Currently, I've set the timeout to 300s for the request as the response from you guys is pretty huge.