How to get connections Azure
Is there a way to get relationships between L2 connections? for example for Azure you need to create two connections but there is no practical way to get the two of them or from the response data, there is no data to "link" them, in the ecx dashboard there is an special inventory API not available from the developer environment.
First time playing with the APIs.   Trying to create a 50MB AWS DirectConnect from my existing ECX ports in London.  I know I have the correct parameters in place (or so I think) as I have copied them from a connection that I have manually done via the ECX portal. But when using the API, I get this following error:      {         "errorCode": "IC-LAYER2-500",         "errorMessage": "System is unable to process the request at this time due to some internal error.",         "moreInfo": " Please contact for more info",         "property": ""     }   And there is nothing in the KB to refer to IC-LAYER2-500 to give me a clue.  Now a error 500 seems to be a fault at the ECX API side, however, as this is my first attempt at using the API, unsure if I am doing something wrong!   Anyone any ideas??

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