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API User
Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 04:10

We have been using the /catalog/workvisitv1 API endpoint for a while now and we now have a new validation error that is causing a failure to use the API endpoint:

{"error":"Unable to create access request with Equinix. Status code = 400, error = {\"errors\":[{\"code\":\"EQX-161-6119\",\"fields\":[\"\/attachments\"],\"message\":\"Justification form is mandatory for visiting the IBX : %s. Justification is available to download as part of work visit page in Equinix Customer Portal.\",\"messageParams\":[\"CH3\"]}],\"ticketId\":\"redacted\"}"}

This appears to be a new validation error. I haven't seen anything regarding changes to the published API. Do you guys know if this is a bug or a new requirement? 

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