API User
Friday, July 10, 2020 - 04:52



I'm playing around with the Sandbox APIs and stumbled upon this problem.

When trying to get a list a services I get this error message:


Get https://sandboxapi.equinix.com/ecx/v3/l2/serviceprofiles/services


    "fault": {
        "faultstring": "Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found",
        "detail": {
            "errorcode": "keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"

In the long run I'd like to implement the Sandbox APIs in our production environment to serve as a kind-of dry-run feature. That means if we start a dry-run of our processes they will point to the Sandbox environment instead of the production APIs.
Is it wise to do that or is the data for the Sandbox APIs changing often? I've read somewhere that the Sandbox environment is updated every couple of months.



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