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Hi, i have been trying to run this API request and always get {"errorCode":"IC-999-99","errorMessage":"Internal Error"}


curl --location --request GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer --------k2wFtBdLcAb8kTdCOfHM"

Couls you assist or tell me what i'm doing wrong?

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Is it possible to create a private connection to Salesforce via the Equinix fabric API? (Or indeed any other APIs)?


I checked the documentation here:

But couldn’t find an API guide as there is for  creating connectivity to other cloud service providers. E.g. Connect to AWS


NB: I also tried to query using your chat on the dev platform, but this is only a basic bot that can answer only the most basic of queries.





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I see on Fabric portal a new feature named : «Service Tokens»

This seems to be the thing I need to give to my customer a better user experience.

I dont see API documentation about this new feature on :

Did i miss the documentation ?

Is it possible to list every token created ?
Is there a way the refresh the expiration of a token to give back 30 days when there are only few day left ?

On a connection, can i know which token was used to create it ? ( will it take the place of the authorizationKey ?)

Best regards,

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I'm trying to get the price of L2 connections from a NE device. I found the below API call, which seems to work only for physical ports, not for NE devices:


How can get the same pricing functionality but for L2 connections originated from a NE device?

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Can I create L3 connections through the API? I can only see L2 connections in the API documentation



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I'm playing around with the Sandbox APIs and stumbled upon this problem.

When trying to get a list a services I get this error message:




    "fault": {
        "faultstring": "Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found",
        "detail": {
            "errorcode": "keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"

In the long run I'd like to implement the Sandbox APIs in our production environment to serve as a kind-of dry-run feature. That means if we start a dry-run of our processes they will point to the Sandbox environment instead of the production APIs.
Is it wise to do that or is the data for the Sandbox APIs changing often? I've read somewhere that the Sandbox environment is updated every couple of months.



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Is there any way to increase or decrease speed value and speed unit of an existing connection and without recreating the connection? In the documentation it says  PATCH method for /ecx/v3/l2/connections/{uuid} only accepts AccessKey, SecretKey params



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I have been playing around with your ECXF APIs in Sandbox and I was wondering whether I can request new ports so that I can use distinct ports to test out different use cases?

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I'd like to know how often do you synchronize your sandbox environment with production environment?

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How often does the port statistics/utilization data get updated as I want to poll the values based on those intervals? 

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I can get the statistics for a physical port. But is there a way to break it out based on connections or vlan ports? Since the physical port is a shared service that contains multiple Expressroute circuits it would be useful to get the connection or vlan usage.

Thanks ...

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Hello !

I'm trying to create l2 connection on sandbox but i have some error

$ curl -X POST -H  "Content-Type: application/json" "" -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxx" -d '{
  "primaryName": "test_port_crea_1",
  "primaryPortUUID": "a9d0254e-d856-4a53-b105-7178fede119f",
  "primaryVlanSTag": 601,
  "profileUUID": "1bef8e6b-ea90-4757-bb25-c24f9d64387c",
  "authorizationKey": 444111000222,
  "speed": 200,
  "speedUnit": "MB",
  "notifications": [
  "purchaseOrderNumber": "312456323",
  "sellerRegion": "us-east-1",
  "sellerMetroCode": "SV",
  "namedTag": "Private"


[{"errorCode":"IC-LAYER2-400","errorMessage":"Required field","moreInfo":"","errorMessageKey":"IC-LAYER2.IC-LAYER2-400","property":"additionalInfo_custBGPAssn"}]

I dont find documentation about this field on documentation



Could you held me ?

Best regards

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Hello !

In sandbox, how could i change the serviceProfile state ?

Because when i tried to add a connection on it ( POST /ecx/v3/l2/connections )
I have :

"Profile is not yet APPROVED"

Profile uuid : 52686861-0f6d-4b1e-bc69-56076a978c18

Best regards,

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Is the ECX API accessible from a "private" interface using a virtual circuit?




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I have been reading the ECXF API documentation and I noticed that both "ECX" and "ECXF" abbreviations are used in the V3 APIs migration section. Are ECX and ECXF two separate products?

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We noticed that some api's aren't available in the sandbox but only in production of the Equinix api. Do we have a way to test this? These api's seem to be available in the playground-zone 


Works on Prod but not sandbox

  1. list userports
  2. list metros
  3. list buyer/connections
~/projects/bics/eqx-script  curl -X GET "$url/ecx/v3/l2/common/metros" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" 

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"}}}%                                         

 ~/projects/bics/eqx-script  curl -X GET "$url/ecx/v3/port/userport" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $token"



{"fault":{"faultstring":"Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"}}}%                                         

 ~/projects/bics/eqx-script  curl -X GET "$url/ecx/v3/l2/buyer/connections" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer $token"



{"fault":{"faultstring":"Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"}}}% 

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I'm trying to filter my connections using my azure express route service key, but I don't think Equinix has the feature?

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an Azure Express Route connection and when I try to send my POST request body: 

{"primaryName": "TestName-PRI", "primaryPortUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "primaryVlanSTag": 511, "profileUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "authorizationKey": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "speed": 100, "speedUnit": "MB", "notifications": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "sellerRegion": "ADAD", "sellerMetroCode": "xx", "secondaryName": "TestName-SEC", "secondaryPortUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "secondaryVlanSTag": 511, "namedTag": "Microsoft", "primaryZSideVlanCTag": ###, "secondaryZSideVlanCTag": ###}

Obviously I will not post content with real data from my company so I filled it in with dummy data. 

I keep getting back the following error:

    "errorCode": "IC-LAYER2-401",
    "errorMessage": "Json syntax error,Please check request body",
    "moreInfo": "Please refer the contracts for correct fields",
    "property": ""

Am I missing something in the request body?

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how we can check if there will be any API’s maintenance or activity related to API. Can we see this in ECX portal?

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Could you please explain the API Workflow of  “Connecting to Myself” use case  for creating VC. 

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Kindly share  an example of rejecting a connection with the PATCH/ecx/v3/l2/connections/{connId}

<> API call?

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We are looking to find out utilization stats for specific ECX  virtual ports over given duration say for last 1 week  and cost associated with data transfer. Is there any API Available to retrieve this Information?

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Where can I find comprehensive API documentation? 

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What are valid speed values for creating AWS Connections?

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What is the recommended approach to create an API Integration User? We would like to have an integration user with access to global data.