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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 01:38

[creating new thread because follow-ups on the previous thread throws up http 403]

Hi, thanks for following up!  What I'm trying to do here is to reconcile Equinix's view of what cross-connect assets are installed in our patch panels with what's contained in our own internal database.  The aim is two-fold: 1. ensure that Equinix' DB and our DB are ~in sync and 2. to enable us to get local notifications whenever there are asset create / delete events, which can then be used to trigger other work process flows on our side,e.g. sending out to sites to bring links live.

At the moment, only A side cross-connects assets are visible via the API, but A side cross-connects only make up 20% of the installed asset based in our patch panels: the other 80% are Z side cross-connects.  So you can probably see that the current output from an EQX API asset search is not that useful for us, which is a real shame.

We're currently handling this reconciliation by downloading Excel spreadsheets from the portal and manually running comparisons, but this is error-prone and tedious.  What we'd really like is to be able to take the information contained in the Customer Portal report spreadsheets for both A side and Z side cross-connects (the Z-side tab contains the asset IDs), but without having to go to the hassle of downloading daily reports, then passing them through Excel parsing code to pull out the columns that we need.  I.e. the information that we need is already available for download from the portal via API - it's just that it's in Excel Spreadsheet format rather than JSON.

So: can this info be exposed via the API?  This would be a real win and a major time saver.

Monday, April 12, 2021 - 13:33

Hello there,

We understand your concern and we have shared your requirement with the respective team. We'll update this thread once we enhance our AP to fulfill your requirement.

- Equinix Developer Community   

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