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When filtering with dateRange on the OrderHistory_v1 API i get a statusCode 400 returned. Other filters work fine for me and return expected results

I am using the following payload 

  "filters": {
    "dateRange": [


The errors i receive errors:

code: "EQX-171-1212"
message: "instance value (%s) not found in enum (possible values: %s)"

Thank you in advance


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I am trying to call your APIs from a browser but i am getting a CORS error. Thanks!!

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Getting this error:

                 "message":"You are not authorized to access the api"

when trying to query /v1/users, what specific permission is required? I'm not a master admin, but all the other APIs works for me.

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I requestet a bearer token ... no problem.
As I try to get the userport with that valid bearer token, I get an error.
Did I miss something ?
Do I need an extra acceptance from our account manager to use my account in the sandbox ?

- my curl request:
  curl -ki --request GET \
  --url \
  --header 'accept: application/json' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer <my Token>' \
  --header 'content-type: application/json'

- the http response:
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
- with this error body:
{"errorCode":"IC-USR-014-01","errorMessage":"Error in getting user's profile"}

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Hi, I would like to check if there is any rate limit on OAuth API?

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I am not a developer but I am very familiar with Equinix portals (ECX and ECP) and now I'd like to try out your APIs before recommending to my development team to proceed with the integration. Where do I start, any advice?  

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Hello, May I know the capabilities and limitations of sandbox environment and how close is it to the production environment?

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I got a decent idea of the Equinix sandbox environment from this post but I'd like to know how to migrate from Sandbox to production once I have completed development.

Would the same credentials work? 

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Hi, I would like to know whether  Equinix Authentication incorporates TLS or SSL in addition to usernames, passwords,  client id, and client secrets? If yes, what TLS versions are supported?

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I'm trying to encode my password before calling the authentication API but it appears that the encoded password is incorrect or is not recognized by Equinix. I tried multiple online generators but nothing works, please advise. 

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I'd like to know more about the sandbox environment and what is the difference between the sandbox and playground environment and also how I can access it? 

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{"errors":[{"code":"EQX-161-403","message":"Insufficient permission to access the resource or invoke the request."}],"ticketId":"190806075245093"}

I recevved the above error while trying to add a workvisit request. I'm doing some integration testing and trying to perform some negative tests so my software is able to report failures accurately.

The error in itself is not really very informative so if anyone else who has seen this knows the cause I'd love to know!


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There appears to be a mismatch between the username I am sending in my request payload for OAuth 2.0 authentication and the response I am getting from Equinix. Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong here?

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My OAuth 2.0 (Authentication) API call is failing, please help.

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I have multiple Equinix user logins from different  Accounts. I noticed that on a Developer Portal, Under a given App, Consumer Key and Secret Key  is same for all existing  multiple  user logins .

Does this have any impact on API Operations as we have the same keys? How do we differenciate operations?

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I have a Portal Login. How can I access playground on Developer Portal? Should I register to Plaground?

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I am Equinix Customer. How can I enable myself Production Developer Portal Access?

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I am seeing a new option called 'Sanbox' while creating MyApps. What is Sandbox?

What is IBX? Closed
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ECP APIs request packets have attributes with names – IBX, Cage. What does these attributes mean?

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Hi, I am currently working on ECP APIs and i don't see the detailed documentation under knowledge center, please assist.

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Given the TTL of access token is 60 minutes, what will happen that another access token was generated before the previous one expired? The scenarior could be that two different threads are running independently, one thread created one access token for calling APIs. 5 minute later, the other thread created another access token without knowing there already had access token created. Will both access token valid at the same time? Assuming both threads are under the same user credentials or from the same user accound.

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Hi Equinix Team,

It will be great if we can search Equinix Developer forum postings/questions via Google Search in similar lines of how I search for my technical queries via Google Search and fetch postings from Stack overflow. 




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Equinix has two way of integrating APIs:

  • Production environment,  -> To experience API’s on Production Environment, Requires Developer Portal Login. If you are interested, Please share your company’s Account name/Account number that is tied up with Equinix, So that we can help you to process the access request.
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What are the real-time channels available for Integration of Equinix APIs?

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How long will the access token last for developer platform and playground before expiring?